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Joel guides full time, bringing his sponsors message to people from all over the United States and living the dream of bass fishermen everywhere.







Joel Richardson, Bass Touring Pro


I can remember when, as a young boy growing up in a small North Carolina town, I was fortunate enough to have two grandfathers (the late Kirby Richardson and Fred Smith), as well as a mother (Brenda) and father (Joel Sr.) who always seemed to be able to find the time to take me fishing. I thank them for watering the seed that was planted the very first time I reeled one in.


As I grew older their teaching left no local farm pond un-fished. Bass fishing Expos became popular when I was about 10 years old and that is where I got my first taste of competition with a rod and reel. Berkley sponsored a Speed Cast competition which gave away $1000.00 worth of Berkley products! I was runner up the first year and went on to win the next 3 years. Berkley representatives asked me if I would step down as champion to let another caster have a chance. Ironically, the timer for the Speed Casting contest became my fishing hero. It was Larry Nixon who inspired me to become a Professional Tournament Angler. My competitive edge lead me to win several local events on my home lake Kerr Reservoir (locally known as Bugg's Island), where I have been a guide for over 15 years. My desire to challenge myself at a higher level lead me to the Red-Man tournament trail now  (known as the Wal-Mart BFL Series) where I had immediate success. I qualified for the Red-Man All-American 3 years running, winning the Red-Man on Bugg's Island in 1996 and 1999 Points Championship along the way.


Finally my dream came true on the Wal-Mart FLW Tour qualifying for 5 straight Championships and winning the $100,000.00 season opener on Lake Okeechobee in 1999.

As for now I continue to travel to the rivers and lakes of America with my wife Jackie and daughter Ana, who support me as I fish the tournament trail. It is my goal to be the best fisherman I can be, a valuable asset to my sponsors and a positive influence to the new generation of bass anglers.

Joel G. Richardson

Touring Professional Angler
















Joel now guides full time in the North Carolina and Virginia area. He will help you learn the tricks and tips that have made him a prominent angler on the national tours.



Kerr Lake, known locally as Bugg's Island, is one of Joel's favorite waters to fish. The brand new Randleman Reservoir is producing huge catches and fast moving to one of the best lakes on the East Coast.