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Information about Piedmont Area Lakes




The Piedmont

The Piedmont area of North Carolina stretches between the eastern coast and western mountains of the state. The mostly flat areas of land are the home to one of America's first gold rushes, numerous golf courses, fishing opportunities and pristine lakes. And like the rest of the state, the Piedmont area is so filled with natural beauty, you won't be able to tear your eyes away.

Two of North Carolina's most active cities - Raleigh ( and Durham ( - offer historic sights and a bustling city lifestyle. You'll find a mix of old-world charm and new world wonder in these southern towns. Charlotte (, North Carolina's most populous city, also rests in the Piedmont area.













Joel now guides full time in the North Carolina and Virginia area. He will help you learn the tricks and tips that have made him a prominent angler on the national tours.



Kerr Lake, known locally as Bugg's Island, is one of Joel's favorite waters to fish. The brand new Randleman Reservoir is producing huge catches and fast moving to one of the best lakes on the East Coast.